Re: ns0 once again!!! Is there a consensus now?


Just a quick clarification. It appears that standard .NET library to
serialise objects and send to a Biztalk webservice is not sufficient to do
the job since we cannot prefix the root element with ns0. [We can specify
target namespace and prefix, but cannot actually produce something with a
qualified root element].

I've never had an issue with this, and the .NET libraries do fully support
XML namespaces. Mind you, you do not need to get the root element prefixed
with ns0, all you require is that the element is in the correct namespace
(the prefix itself is irrelevant and is only used to alias a namespace, and
it's not necessary if you're using xmlns='' to specify a default namespace).

So the option we have is to either put in a hack where we do some string
functions to place the ns0 or we have a separate message without any
targetnamespaces in Biztalk so we can submit the data, and then map it to
stronger qualified messages inside the orchestrations.

Don't see why you'd need to do this unless you're doing something wrong.
Usually, the .NET WebService proxy generation tool works just fine and deals
just fine with namespaces. Perhaps you're defining your webservice in such a
way that you're generating an incorrect service description?

Tomas Restrepo


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