RE: BizTalk 2006 splits single flat file into several 2k output files

Sounds like your running into the max message size and biztalk is automatically splitting it up for you. See this document
for workaround.

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Subject: RE: BizTalk 2006 splits single flat file into several 2k output files
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It would be more help if you could paste sample of your flat file. Looks like
the disassembling of the flat file might not be working as expected.
"bolges" wrote:

I'm a newbie with BizTalk 2006. I'm trying to learn how to parse flat

My Orchestration is very simple. I have a Receive object accept a
message from a File port. The message is passed to a Message
Assignment object and then on to a Send object and out through a File

So basically, all i'm doing is reading a flat file in from one
directory and spitting it out to another directory.

As simple as this sounds I can't get it to work as I expected.

Any small flat file (100 or so characters) works fine. However, if I
try to submit a file of 8Mb, Biztalk is splitting the file into 4 or 5
files that get delivered to the output directory.

I can't for the life of me figure out why this split is occuring, and
it's driving me insane.

Any clues as to what's going on here would be greatly appreciated. I
want to submit 1 file, and get 1 file out, no matter the size of the

Lars Fiedler [MSFT]

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