Re: Retry on certain exceptions?

That's an interesting solution to try. Thanks. If the web service fails
because of a sql exception, I'll end up getting a bunch of suspended
messages in the messagebox for each retry though right? And if i get my
custom exception I'll end up with 1 suspended message. My ideal scenario
would be no suspended messages if the web service throws my custom exception
(a handled error), and 1 suspended message if it's a sql error (or unhandled

"Matt Meleski" <MattMeleski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
A way to approach this is to build your own Retry Pattern in
your orchestration to call the Web Service. Therefore:

1) for you Soap Send port set the Retry property to zero.
2) In your orchestration, then add a loop shape. Within that loop shape,
your existing shapes to call the Web Service -> with the Exception blocks.

Your Expression for you loop shape would be something like

intCounter <= intAllowedRetryAttempts && blnContinueLoop

Before your loop shape you would initialize your variables to something

intCounter = 1;
intAllowedRetryAttempts = 3;
blnContinueLoop = true;

In the loop shape,after successfully calling your Web Service, you would
set :
blnContinueLoop = false;

In your custom exception block set :
blnContinueLoop = false;

In your sql Exception block:
intAllowedRetryAttempts = intAllowedRetryAttempts + 1;

You could also use a delay shape to delay a certain interval between
the next retry.


"Jeremy Chapman" wrote:

I have an orchestration which calls a web service. The send port is set
rety 3 times, once every 1 minute. I've got a scope with a catch around
send shape for additional workflow if the web service call fails. My
service parses the some text and makes some sql calls. If the sql calls
fail I want the orchestration to continue retrying which is the default
behaviour, but I also have parsing logic in the web service which throws
some custom exception if the data can't be parsed. If these custome
exceptions are thrown, I don't want the orchestration to retry the send
port. Is this possible to do?


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