Re: Event 5719: multiple schemas matched the message type "XYZ"

Presumably you're only receiving the messages matching the schema with the
namespace ending in F1/252 at the receive location in question. If so, you
can create a pipeline with the XML Disassembler component in the disassemble
stage, and set the document schema appropriately. That should "unconfuse"
the disassembler. Out of curiosity, can you validate instance messages
against the two respective schemas?



"BGU" <pri@xxxxx> wrote in message
Hello, I have been working on two BizTalk 2006 solutions in
Visual Studio. Both are part of the same undertaking, to integrate a
couple applications. But I found it convenient to focus on one incoming
document type in the initial solution, and on another incoming type (from
the same application) in the second solution.

The two incoming message types handled by these two VS solutions have the
same root node name, <crmEnv>. Furthermore, the source application builds
no target namespace into the XML. As you can imagine, BizTalk 2006
complains about this: "multiple schemas matched the message type." (See
the full error below my signature.)

I tried to resolve this by modifying the sending application to add a
target namespace to the outgoing message. I thought this would allow
BizTalk to distinguish between the two types of incoming messages. After
all, according to ,

as long as the combination of the target namespace and the root name of
all deployed schemas is unique, we should be good. Here are the two
target namespaces I used:


In any event, despite adding the target namespaces to the source
application's XML, and adding it to the schemas defined in either
solution, BizTalk continues to throw event 5719 when it receives one of
these messages from the CRM. I have verified that the targetNamespace
attribute exists in the correct form on the incoming message. I have also
recompiled and redeployed all involved assemblies/projects after adding
the target namespace to the two schema definitions.

Furthermore, everything works fine when only one of these two assemblies
is deployed onto the BizTalk server. Help?


Event ID: 5719
There was a failure executing the receive pipeline:
Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines, Version=, Culture=neutral,
Source: "XML disassembler"
Receive Port:
URI: "/BizTalk/BTSHTTPReceive.DLL?
Reason: Cannot locate document specification because multiple
schemas matched the message type "crmEnv".


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