RE: Rehydration on server Restart.

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Hi Sundeep,

You won't be able to directly change the schedule of the dehydrated
instances to delay each of them by a particular time interval. However, if
the design of your system allows it, you could consider using a controller
or dispatcher framework which would involve a singleton orchestration which
is responsible for starting off multiple child orchestrations. I believe
there are custom BizTalk solutions which are currently using this approach.
I'll also follow up with several people internally regarding the scenario
you've outlined.

Sumitra Sujanani [MSFT]

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We are using BizTalk 2004 in our environment with .Net Framework 1.1.
We are facing one issue with the long dhydrated orchestrations. Problem
occurs when the server reboots after maintenance period of few hours.
In this case, all the orchestration instances that were scheduled to be
run during the time when the server was down or maintenance wakes up
and BTS fires them simultaneously. Some services that are called in the
orch are not able to handle these many requests simultaneously.

I was wondering if we have a way by which we can change the schedule of
the dehydrated instances and delay each of them by say original time +
2-3 hrs ?

Thanks in advance..

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