'System.String' must be Xml serializable

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Hi all -
I have an orch that sends a message type System.String. (yes, still
farting around with my strings) No probs, everything works great. Then
a build of the orch project started yielding this error:

'System.String' must be Xml serializable to be a message part type --
check event log for more information

There was no error logged in the event log. It was working, now it's
not, and I don't know what I could have done to make BT think that
System.String isn't serializable. Thought all you needed to be XML
serializable was to be serializable and have a default constructor.

I found this post indicating that a reboot might help.


So I rebooted my test environment, and everything worked OK for a
while. Then it started failing again. The only thing I've been doing
in the project is messing with promoted props and distinguished fields
on a schema in my messaging project.

What are my next steps?



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