Send Pipeline fails...

My BTS app has a receive pipeline and send pipeline. In the receive
pipeline I have a custom pipeline component (disassembler) that
produces xml to a specified schema. In the receive pipeline, the XML
Validator validates the schema (xsd) after it is disassembled in teh
custom component. If I set my send pipeline to be pass thru, the xml
file is written out and it looks good.

If I set my send pipeline to contain an XML Assemler with the schema
set to the same schema used in the custom disassembler, the resulting
XML file is the same.

If I add an Outbound Map to the send pipeline that maps from the schema
used in the custom disassembler and map to a new schema, the XML file
never makes it to the send port location. When I check the Event,
there is an error that says "the document type XXX does not match any
of the given schemas." XXX is an element in the source schema in the
map, NOT the target schema, so this indicates to me that the mapper did

Any ideas?



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