The HTTP send adapter sends messages from BizTalk to a destination URL on
an HTTP POST request. The HTTP send adapter gets the message content from
the body part of the BizTalk Message object. I think you should be able to
create a message of type XmlDocument or String. XmlDocument is a wildcard
type which can contain anything from well-formed XML data, to strings, to
binary data. It will not be checked by XLANG/s. I would expect String to
also work. I would give either of these a try.

Doug Girard [MSFT]

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I'm trying to send a message from BT2006 via an HTTP post to a server
that expects to receive its data as if it were an HTML forms post. I
don't know how to describe a set of key value pairs from a querystring
with a schema document. How does one send a message that can't be
described with an XSD?


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