RE: redeploy BizTalk Server 2004 schema changes

I have tried this. I have also tried set the REDEPLOY=TRUE on each project
within the same solution and repeated the process and same error.

I also tried to set all ports and removing any mappings that use the changed
schema to a default value in BizTalk Explorer and repeated the process and
same error.

I ended up deleting all send and receive ports in BizTalk Explorer. I then
tried to undeploy the schema assembly and Success! There must have been
something very hosed up. I was able to rebuild and redeploy, etc., with
success! Since then I have had no problems.

I would still like to know the best way to redeploy schema changes when a
receive port, a mapping used in a transform shape, all within an
orchestration all in the same solution occurs. I figure the safest item is
to just rebuild and redeploy the whole BizTalk orchestration solution that
has the two projects.

Chris C.

"anand kumar" wrote:

Have you tried deploying the assembly from the BizTalk Deployment wizard.
Most of the times it takes care of the issue you are mentioning.


"Chris C." wrote:

I have made changes to a CSV flat file schema in BizTalk Server 2004. This
schema is used in the CSV receive pipeline in an orchestration and also in a
transform shape that uses a BizTalk map in the same orchestration. The
schema is in its own project with associated maps, and the orchestration is
another project. Both projects are in the same solution. The orchestration
project is dependent on the schema project. I am new to BizTalk and would
like to know the steps needed to redeploy the schema changes for this BizTalk

I have stopped BizTalk host instance, stopped and unenlisted the
orchestration, stopped and unenlisted the send ports, disabled the receive
port, undeployed the dependent orchestration assembly and then undeployed the
main schema assembly using the BizTalk Explorer within Visual Studio .NET
2003. I have rebuilt and deployed the solution using VS .NET 2003. I then
went into BizTalk Explorer and started and enlisted the orchestration,
started and enlisted the send ports, enabled the receive port and restarted
the BizTalk Host instance. But, I keep getting the same error that the main
schema assembly has already been deployed and some items used in the assembly
are being used by other items outside the assembly. When the undeploy of the
main schema assembly occurs in BizTalk Explorer, it tries to reapply the
receive port settings and reenable the receive port used in this

What am I going wrong? Any suggestions?

I have also tried to just go into BizTalk Explorer and stopped the
orchestration and Unenlisted it. I checked the terminate check box and
checked all of the options to stop send ports, BizTalk host, etc. I then
undeployed the dependent orchestration assembly and then undeployed the main
schema assembly. I then rebuilt and deployed the solution. I went into
BizTalk Explorer and restarted the orchestration and let it restart the send
ports, BizTalk hosts, etc. I also get the same error about the main schema

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