Re: Biztalk Namespcaes Clarification

Changing the namespace is likely not an option - what Todd suggests is a
more reasonable solution for you.

"Todd Sussman" <Todd.Sussman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
While this is not the recommended method, you could create a custom
and in the XMLDisassembler, specify the exact schema it should use.

Todd Sussman
Member of the Microsoft BPI Virtual TS Team

"nenzax" <madhugilla@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
you are right both the schemas(Orders05) are the same for project1 and

the problem is project 1 is deployed in the production i cant change it
now and the orders05 schema that iam talking about is generated by the
sap adapter i was wondering if i could change the namespace of it.

so is my scenario is going to create a problem when i deploy the
project 2?

Thanks for your time Scott i really appreciate it.