RE: Sharepoint date problem

The adapter is not touching the message body. It doesn't even know that
there is a date in the body. You need to look at your code that handles
(puts or gets the date into/from the message).

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I have tried putting a time in the XML ...

2006-03-27T00:00:00 --> becomes 2006-03-26Z in Sharepoint
2006-03-27T01:00:00 --> becomes 2006-03-27Z in Sharepoint

So it looks like the date is using default UK BST time zone (UTC + 1) in
BizTalk but for some reason being converted to UTC time when it goes
the sharepoint adapter. Why is the adapter doing this?

I see what you are saying about using the XSD specification ...

"This representation may be immediately followed by a "Z" to indicate
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) or to indicate the time zone. For
the difference between the local time and Coordinated Universal Time,
immediately followed by a sign, + or -, followed by the difference
from UTC
represented as hh:mm (minutes is required)."

... but this causes a problem in UK because during the summer our
is UTC + 1, but in the winter it is the same as UTC.

Am I missing something obvious?

One further point is that the Win2003 Server was wrongly configured
originally using default US timezone settings. This has since been
to UK timezone in Windows 2003 and the Sharepoint sites - but is there
anything else to change for Biztalk or the Sharepoint adapter?


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