Re: mqseries adapter for BizTalk 2006

Do you see it listed in your COM+ Applications?
Lucas R. Vogel

"bd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" wrote:

Hi Lucas,

thanks a lot for your response :-)

Yes, computer B is a win2003 server. BTW, Computer A is Windows XP.

It is exactly MQSAgent that confuses me. If I understand it properly
for BizTalk Server 2004 scenario it is a part of the MQSeries adapter
that is installed on Computer B.

Microsoft documentation says that "Computer B" in BizTalk 2006 scenario
should have MQSAgent2 running. But where should it come from? Is it a
part of MQSeries 5.3 (CSD 12) that I have installed on the computer B
or should I installed it separately. If so, where can I find it?


Lucas R. Vogel skrev:

what kind of server is computer B in your scenario?

Assuming computer B is a win2003 server, I would suggest checking the MSDTC
and COM+ security settings on both servers to make sure nothing is getting
caught between the two of them. I would also check the MQSeries server to
make sure the MQSAgent COM+ service is running. According to the
documentation MQSeries needs to be version 5.3 (CSD10) or greater...


Lucas R. Vogel

"bd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" wrote:


I am trying to establish the following setup.

Computer A : Biztalk Server 2006

Computer B: WebSphere MQ manager

I am confused by what should be installed where. In the old BizTalk
Server 2004 setup I had a Bizrtalk and Biztalk MQ series adapter
installed on Computer A and Biztalk MQ series adapter installed on
Computer B. Everything worked perfect.

Now I have only BizTalk Server 2006 installed on computer A. If I try
to create a receive location with transport type MQSeries, choose
Computer B as server, and click on the Queue Manager dropdown I get the
following error
"retriving the COM class factory for remote component ..."

I have also tried with the old Biztlak Server 2004 MQ series adapter
installed on Computer B but it does not help.

ANy ideas what has to be installed where to get a Biztalk Server 2006
to communicate with Web Sphere running on the separate computer?


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