BTS2002SP1 broken after Security Roll-up for Windows 2000 SP4

I've already found and corrected the issue where the security roll-up kills 
the MSXML3.DLL file. After correcting that problem, all my RFSQL and SQLAIC 
errors go away, but I continue to have the event listed below occur and the 
BizTalk Messaging Service will not shutdown nicely from the Services panel.
Event Type:	Error
Event Source:	COM+
Event Category:	SVC
Event ID:	4194
Date:		7/18/2005
Time:		3:45:18 PM
User:		N/A
Computer:	WEB4
The system has called a custom component and that component has failed and 
generated an exception. This indicates a problem with the custom component. 
Notify the developer of this component that a failure has occurred and 
provide them with the information below. 
Component Prog ID: 
Server Application ID: {6ECD95AC-3C06-4A9B-9D43-4565C1BD3319}
Server Application Name: BizTalk Server Internal Utilities
Exception: C0000005
Address: 0x77FAA75F
Call Stack: 
ntdll!RtlFormatMessage + 0x24D
KERNEL32!VirtualBufferExceptionHandler + 0x211
KERNEL32!FormatMessageW + 0x1F
CISENGINE!GetNewStateEngine(struct IInterchangeStateEngine * *) + 0x6684
CISENGINE!GetNewStateEngine(struct IInterchangeStateEngine * *) + 0x68BD
RPCRT4!CheckVerificationTrailer + 0x5B
RPCRT4!NdrServerCall2 + 0x25A
RPCRT4!CStdStubBuffer_Invoke + 0xA8
OLEAUT32!UserEXCEPINFO_free_local + 0x20F4
 + 0x83BF6AE3

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