Re: Limits on filters for a send port?

The property you promote doesn't necessarily have to be customer specific,
it can be any identifier that you want to filter on in your send port. So
you make up some value, SendPortToSendTo, and then you promote a value in
there that you create a filter for in your send port.

The other option is that you could use, if your requirements allow it, a
single receive port with different receive locations for each customer.
Then you can just have a single filter on the one receive port.


"Paul" <Paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi Matt,
> I'm not sure how promoting a property in the message will help reduce the
> number of filters I have. I would still have to check that property
> against
> every trading partner number I do business with. Perhaps I'm not
> explaining
> the problem well, or I don't understand your reply. Thanks!
> Paul
> "Matt Milner" wrote:
>> In general, this can cause problems. You may want to use a simple custom
>> pipeline and pipeline component to promote some known property you can
>> filter on. This would greatly simplifiy your filter to a single value.
>> you
>> can then configure this pipeline in the proper receive locations.
>> Matt
>> "Paul" <Paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:3F614494-9803-40DA-A994-ED53C88687E7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> > Hi all,
>> > I wondered if anyone knew of a limit on the number of filters that can
>> > be
>> > placed on a send port? I am using a HIPAA_EDI transport and have 110
>> > BTS.ReceivePortName properties, but seem to get errors on the last few
>> > past
>> > 100. The error is: (41) The sender of the document is not recognized.
>> > Check
>> > the receive location or send handler. This usually indicates that I've
>> > misspelled the receive port name, but I've checked and double checked
>> > it,
>> > and
>> > it only is happening on the ones past 100? Any ideas?
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> > Paul


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