Send File and Get Confirmation.. Possible?

From: unlikely (
Date: 02/19/05

Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2022 01:23:45 -0600

I did a little test..

I created an orchestration in which I used a SQL Adapter to get
information, then I sent that info to 2 diffent file locations.

So it went:

Receive (SQL Adapter) > Send (File - c:\Test1\) > Send (File

Then, while it was running, I changed the actual name of the c:\Test1
directory to c:\TestOld ..

I figured that the whole process would halt, but it didn't. It just
keep sending files to c:\Test2\ and creating error messages in the
Event Monitor.

I want it to stop everything. Because in the end the process will be

Receive (SQL Adapter) > Send (File - c:\Test1\) > Send (SQL
Adapter Update)

But the last thing I want to do, it update the record in SQL if the
file never made it to it's location.

So if there an exception I can use with Ports?


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