RE: Exception Out Of Memory (BTS04 Uses .NET1.1 DOM Mapper)

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From: Mike Watson (
Date: 02/18/05

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 09:49:05 -0800


I was going to reply to your original post, but have not had time until now...

I have been in the same situation with you on this matter. I have been
talking with the MS Support and they have confirmed that this is an issue.
I do not know if you can adapt the workaround that I found works great for me.
I had an orchestration that called, via the Sql Adapter, a stored proc. The
size of the Xml file was approx 12Mb. This then needed to be mapped into a
single flat file (approx size 5mb). The mapping was simple (apart from a
looping functoid).

As an example:

Source Schema :
RootNodeA (Sql Response Schema)

Destination (flat file schema)

The map linked like this

Source Destination
ElementAA ElementAA
ElementBA ElementAB
ElementBB ElementAC
ElementBC ElementAD
ElementCA ElementAE
ElementCB ElementAF

As said above, the System.OutOfMemory issue was happening in a 12mb Xml file.
After doing some tests I found that removing the complexity of the source
schema gave better results.

Firstly, I changed the Sql Query, instead of returning data via select *
from where … inner join, outer join etc.. ( this returning, via Sql Xml the
Xml hierarchy as seen in the example Source schema, above). I populated a Sql
Server #temptable and returned this.
So BizTalk built a Xsd based on : Select * from #temptable (notice no joins
Doing this return the following XSD format…
New Source Schema

Now, replacing the old source schema with the new one enabled me to build
and deploy a map that could process up to 100MB Xml, producing 40Mb flat file
(on a 1mb memory, p4 box in 8mins). The map had formatting, logical
functoids, custom xslt and looping functiods added without any problems
whatsoever. I only tested to 100Mb as we have no requirements to use data
over 60Mb (Xml file), but I am sure that 100mb+ is possible.

So, to conclude : If possible try to remove the hierarchy in your source and
destination schemas as much as possible this will help you processes the
large files..….

As you can see, this is a workaround, not a fix. And, like I said earlier,
you may be able to adapt this idea to your own situation.
Mike Watson

"jason" wrote:

> I have run into OutOfMemory Exception in BTS04 when mapping. My files are
> max'd at 90,000 rows, (roughly 10mb) any higher and it “WILL” throw
> OutOfMemory exception in map.
> I have been back & forth w/ MS on this matter and we all have concluded that
> it is the .NET framework mapping object. It uses DOM to map everything in
> memory!
> First, any good application now & days doesn’t use DOM. We learned this back
> in 01-02. I am amazed that MS still haven't fixed this, even after newly
> released .NET1.1 Service Pack. What were they thinking?
> Second, I asked MS if this is going to be fixed in BTS04, and their answer
> was they were looking into some customizations in the 2006 release. Uh, 2006!
> You’re kidding. They have barely released BTS04 and now they say that there
> is a memory cap and won't be explored until the next release!
> For a long time, I hated MS for these exact reasons. After the whole .NET
> world was released they started to redeem themselves. They actually looked
> like they were getting their act together. I guess no matter how they
> advance, their true colors always show.
> Folks, correct me if I am wrong but if you are running a business using
> conversions, you are bound to go over 20mb. Now, MS tells us that the
> software has limitations in size. I have a written/certified email that
> specifically states if you have a file size of over 10mb in BTS04 that you
> are trying to map; it may/will throw OutOfMemory and eventually suspend the
> message.
> MS has been saying from day one that BTS04 is completely redesigned to
> handle large messages. (Stated directly in the BTS04 unleashed book) What
> they fail to say is that this is the case only if you are not planning on
> doing any mapping. If you are, then the files will have to be chunked quite
> small and you loose the whole purpose of why you were implementing a
> conversion solution to begin with. Mapping is KEY, and one of MS solutions is
> to not map if you don't have to. (Declared in writing by MS)
> It just goes to show the level MS is at. What they really should state in
> their disclaimer is that we write software for consumers, and not businesses.
> If you want business level processing, then seek other products such as
> BridgetGate TEI, BEA, or an IBM product.
> I am not writing this just to criticize MS for a cheap/bad design. I am
> writing this to help spare the next business architect from going through the
> same amount of wasted time & energy I have spent. Roughly 4mo before finally
> finding out this limitation! What a waste!
> P.S. The custom pre-processing that they explain as one work-around doesn’t
> always work. If you have a large message that chunks, it will still throw an
> error. Not, to mention what happens if you use a flat file with sub-records.
> Sincerely,
> Jason W

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