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From: Krishna (
Date: 02/14/05

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 20:43:01 -0800

Thanks for the quick reply. I am quite new in this area and have very little
idea about server side or client side ceritificate (in fact I know them by
definition only). Is there a concrete document available that navigates an
apprentice like me to step through the procedures and configure server/client
side certificates and finally connecting to client applications via BizTalk
using https. Your help will be much appreciated.


"Tomas Restrepo (MVP)" wrote:

> Krishna,
> > What are the necessary steps required to communicate BizTalk Server and
> > Client application via https
> Most of the time you shouldn't need to do anything besides configuring the
> ports to use HTTPS (either the send port in biztalk, or in the IIS
> application for a receive adapter), provided you have everything else
> already configured (server-side certificates installed, correct certificate
> trust chains, etc.). Doing client-side certificate authentication should
> require a little more work, but nothing out of the ordinary...
> --
> Tomas Restrepo

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