RE: How can I clean out my BizTalkMsgBoxDb

From: Alan Smith (
Date: 02/02/05

Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2022 04:53:02 -0800

Hi Anthony,

The SQL Server should ahve a task set up to transfer the message tracking
information from the message box database to the tracing database. The MBDB
size should not grow to large, it's the tracking DB that increaces over time.

Check that SQL Server Agent is running, and check that the BizTalk jobs are
running as they should. You should also make sure the "Backup BizTalk" server
job has been setup, and is running OK.



"Anthony Morgan" wrote:

> Hello
> I'm running into a problem on my production biztalk box. My
> BizTalkMsgBoxDb is getting very large. It is currently 16gig with a
> 12gig log file.
> I have more *** space on the way, but I need some more space quick.
> Does anybody know how to purge data from this table?, or is it even
> save to purge just the log file?
> I process a lot of very large datasets, but no long running
> transactions, so any message archived in here are not needed.
> I found the sample to purge the tracking database, but that DB is only
> 56meg. The message database is my problem.
> Can anybody help?
> Thanks
> Anthony