Re: Creating a web reference to a URL beyond the company firewall

From: Jon Flanders[DevelopMentor] (
Date: 01/31/05

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2022 11:52:55 -0800

Download the wsdl outside of BizTalk. Import it through webreference - going
to your local wsdl instead of the live wsdl. When you setup the SendPort -
you can configure the SOAP Send Adapter to authenticate against the proxy
server (it is seperate tab under the send port adapter configuration)

Jon Flanders [DevelopMentor]
"mauricethegp" <mauricethegp@newsgroup.nospam> wrote in message
>I know that this may be an old chestnut to .NET developers and that there 
> workarounds in normal .NET projects, but here goes anyway...
> The scenario is that I want to create a BizTalk application that will
> consume a web service. The web service is hosted on a computer which is on
> the public internet, outside the company firewall.  All access to such 
> public
> internet sites have to be routed via the company proxy server.
> Let's say for example:
> *  the web service is at,
> *  the proxy server name (as shown in Internet Properties/Connections/Lan
> Settings) is companyproxy, using port 80
> I know I need to add a web reference via the "Add Web Reference" wizard.
> If I just give "Add Web Reference" the URL
> "" then I get prompted 
> for
> username/password/domain. After supplying the valid credentials the 
> dialogue
> shows the documentation about the available services in "theservice.asmx" 
> in
> the browser pane, but has a message in the "web services found at this 
> URL"
> to the effect "There was an error downloading
> ''.
> The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote 
> server."
> The documentation for Add Web Reference says that I have to include the
> proxy server address in the URL. I've tried
> "http://companyproxy:80/",
> "http://companyproxy:80/login?url="
> and lots of other combinations, but so far all I get are syntax or other
> errors.
> How do I specify this URL?
> PS I know that in a normal C# project, I can create a proxy class using
> wsdl.exe and include that class in the project, then instantiate an object 
> of
> that class and attach a Web Proxy object with the default or specified
> credentials. I can't see how I can use this technique in BizTalk, though,
> where I don't seem to have the option of meddling with the source files...
> I hope someone out there can help. It MUST be a common enough scenario...
> -- 
> Steve Gunning 

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