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From: Wor Tony (
Date: 11/29/04

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 21:54:23 GMT

"Michael" <> wrote in message
> Hi
> when I call a web service published with the BizTalk Web Services
> Publishing
> Wizard I got the following errors in the event log:
> An attempt to connect to "BizTalkMgmtDb" SQL Server database on server
> "BIZTALK001" failed with error: "Login failed for user 'NT
> The Messaging Engine failed to register the adapter for "SOAP" for the
> receive location "/PassPortRfq/PassPortRfq.asmx". Please verify that the
> receive location is valid, and that the isolated adapter runs under an
> account that has access to the BizTalk databases.
> I restarted the IIS after publishing the web service. What might be the
> reason?
> Thanks, Michael
You need to setup an app pool to run your web service under. The user
identity of the app
pool must have access to the BTS databases.


Nottingham - UK

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