Renaming file in FTP adapter for Biztalk 2002

From: Claudio Sale (
Date: 11/26/04

Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2021 08:13:03 -0800

I use a "BizTalk SendFTP AIC" to send a file to a remote FTP server.
After sending the file, I need to rename it.
I use the following commands in the "After Put" textbox:

RNFR input_file;RNTO output_file

In the log file of the FTP server, I see the following lines

 [7]RNFR input_file 350 0
 [7]QUIT - 350 0

I see no RNTO commands, and the file is not renamed.
If I try the same commands with an FTP client, it works.
Someone can help me. Thanks
  Claudio Sale

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