Re: BizTalk and FTP

From: jj (
Date: 11/25/04

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 17:21:45 -0800

there are 2 kind of protocols available: FTPS (FTP on SSL) and SFTP(using
SSH but not FTP protocol). there are 3rd party adapters for them, but i
think they are still in beta. we are in the process of choosing one of
them. but i don't know which one is better than another or which one has
large customer base.

anyone has idea about it??


On Wed, 24 Nov 2021 22:13:49 +0100, Bryan Brouckaert wrote:

> Hello Bob,
> Secure FTP: that is a contradiction. FTP is never secure, except when you
> use an SSH tunnel (but that is not a part of FTP). As far as I know the FTP
> server of Windows is rather safe, meaning that nobody will access to files
> that are not shared via FTP. But do not forget, it is very easy to steal an
> FTP password, so if somebody has assess through FTP everybody has.
> Greetings,
> Bryan.
> "Bob Corcoran" <> schreef in bericht
> We are planning on using the FTP adapter for incoming messages. My question
> is more about FTP than BizTalk. In order to set up a secure FTP site on our
> Windows 2003 Server, would it be advisable (or necessary) to use third party
> software?

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