Re: Adapter Transmit failed

From: esgraham (
Date: 11/15/04

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 11:12:59 -0800

It is using NTFS (Windows 2003 server for Biztalk,
Windows 2000 for the remote server).

The event log gives the error I pasted in the first post.

>-----Original Message-----
>OK, question 1: is the remote system NTFS?
>question 2, what is being reported in the event log?
>"esgraham" <> wrote
in message
>No, I am not using HTTP. The adapter is creating a file
>on a remote shared directory.
>"Locked" mans the output files have a process that is
>using them. This also means I cannot delete the files,
>and it causes Biztalk to fail.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>hi, is your adapter doing an HTTP post? - I'm not sure
>which files are
>>locked - or what you mean?
>>check that the receiving side of the HTTP post is
>running correctly.
>>"esgraham" <> wrote
>in message
>>Has anyone seen the following error? The Adapter is
>>creating an output file:
>>Event Type: Warning
>>Event Source: BizTalk Server 2004
>>Event Category: BizTalk Server 2004
>>Event ID: 5743
>>User: N/A
>>The adapter failed to transmit message going to send
>>[port URL]. It will be retransmitted after the retry
>>interval specified for this Send Port. Details:"S".
>>After this error occured, the files were locked and the
>>Biztalk transfer failed. To unlock the files, I
>>Terminated the service in HAT. Since I stopped the
>>service through HAT, I could not determine exactly which
>>process had the files locked.

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