RE: Date fitering on receiveport

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From: Stephen W. Thomas (
Date: 11/11/04

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 05:48:04 -0800

Here is one idea:

You could create a custom Receive Pipeline component that xpaths these
values out of the message. At that point, you can build your datetime
easily. Then, you can do some logic or call an outside component that
determines if you care about that data. This would isolate your business
logic and allow it to change easily, just in case tomorrow you only want 1
day of data.

Then, you could set a custom promoted property like CurrentInfo = “true” or
something more meaningful. This would then be routed to the correct
Orchestration or Send Port.

Hope this helps.

Stephen W. Thomas

"Lars W. Andersen" wrote:

> Hi,
> I need some design help
> I have a stream of data I use for another interface. I would like to
> subscribe to some of these data for use in another interface. My stream
> outputs data for 90 days but I only need data for today and two days forward
> in time.
> The data I subscribe to, have a date and a time, but it is not in a datetime
> format. They are just string values in elements. E.g.
> <date>
> <year>2004</year>
> <month>10</month>
> <day>31</day>
> </date>
> Can i do something funky in a receiveport filter, like call a datetime
> function and return a stringvalue that I match up against each of these
> three element?
> I would hate to have to map all 9000 messages to a datetime format, just to
> get the 300 messages I need.
> regards
> Lars

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