RE: Generating a number to be passed into a map

From: Stephen W. Thomas (
Date: 11/03/04

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2021 10:08:04 -0800

In the past, I have generated these ID’s outside the map. Then, passed the
value into the map inside an Orchestration mapping using multi part message
mapping (i.e. two inputs into one message). This was because the value I
needed inside the map was in the message context.
If you just need the value inside your map, you can use inline code to
generate a random number or guid. You could then XPath into the message if
you need to know this number later on.

Stephen W. Thomas

"RichTheHSTGuy" wrote:

> I have a map setup like below mapping multiple companies into a schema and
> generating 1 instance of each in my destination schema, 2 comapnies 2
> instances(this works great because of all of the help on this board). What I
> need to do is generate an ID number for each instance and map it to a field
> called set-id in the destination.
> Source Schema
> Company1 name
> company1 number
> company1 address
> Company2 Name
> Company2 number
> Company2 address
> Destination Schema
> Set-Id
> Company Name
> Company Number
> Company Address