Re: XML File to Update SQL server

From: Jan Eliasen (
Date: 06/22/04

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2021 08:44:37 +0200


In the BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server for BizTalk 2002, you would have
one "bleck"-element for each row you need to insert into the table.
Try that.

Jan Eliasen

On Mon, 21 Jun 2021 07:24:02 -0700, "Alan360"
<> wrote:

>Thank you for your reply Matt. I can see how to update one record on a table at a time. I guess Im still missing something. My XML file coming in will have update information for several hundred records in it. Do I have to parse this file and create a separate updategram for each record?
>"Matt Milner" wrote:
>> Use the sql adapter to update a table with an updategram. Right click your
>> project and choose to "add generated item". There are samples in the
>> documentation released on April 2.
>> Matt
>> "Alan360" <> wrote in message
>> > Hello I am calling a web service that returns an XML file. Now I need to
>> take that XML file and UPDATE a table on SQL server. Not sure of what is the
>> accepted way to do this in an orchestration or what is the most efficient.
>> Thank you for your time.

Jan Eliasen, representing himself and not the company he works for.

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