Re: BIZTALK 2004 Wishlist

From: Matthew Roche (
Date: 06/21/04

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 11:24:01 -0700


    When you say "our next release" do you mean BizTalk 2006 (or whatever) or do you mean BizTalk 2004 Service Pack 1?


"Scott Woodgate (MS)" wrote:

> Great feedback and do keep it coming as we are using this type of feedback
> directly in planning our next release.
> "Steef D." <> wrote in message
> > The develop/testing stage should be easier. Now you have to compile an
> > assembly, deploy it, stop and start your orchestrations before you can
> > actually test what you've made. Testing an orchestration should be
> > possible from within Visual Studio and you should be able to break
> > into each step of your orchestration and view the contents of messages