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Re: Error on creating a receive port programatically

From: Monah Khalil [MSFT] (monahk_at_online.microsoft.com)
Date: 06/08/04

Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2021 15:40:48 -0700

You should set the "TransportTypeData" property on the receive location. See
the example below (You could replace CUSTOM with your adapter type):

public void CreateCUSTOMReceiveLocation()
   ReceivePort rp = bceExplorer.AddNewReceivePort(false);
   rp.Name = "My CUSTOM Receive Port";

   ReceiveLocation rl = null;

   rl = bceExplorer.ReceivePorts["My CUSTOM Receive
   rl.Name= "My CUSTOM Receive Location";

   foreach(ReceiveHandler handler in bceExplorer.ReceiveHandlers)
    if(handler.TransportType.Name == "CUSTOM")
     rl.ReceiveHandler = handler;

   foreach (ProtocolType protocol in bceExplorer.ProtocolTypes)
    if(protocol.Name == "CUSTOM")
     rl.TransportType = protocol;

   foreach(Pipeline pipeline in bceExplorer.Pipelines)
    if(pipeline.FullName ==
     rl.ReceivePipeline = pipeline;

   string sTransportTypeData = @"<CustomProps>
 <AdapterConfig vt=\"8\">
  <Receive xmlns:xsd=\"http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema\"

   rl.TransportTypeData=sTransportTypeData.Replace("\r\n",""); //To flatten
out the string without any break lines.

   rl.Address = "CUSTOM://WhateverAddress";

   rl.Enable = true;


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"Abani" <abanikg@aditi.com> wrote in message 
> Hi,
>    I receive the following 2 errors in the Event log as soon as I create a
> Receive Port with a receive location programatically using ExplorerOM.
> The transport type I am configuring in it is a custom recieve adapter just
> equivalent to the sample MSMQC adapter provided in the SDK samples.
> Here is the Errors:
> 1. The Messaging Engine failed to add a receive URL "CheckB" to the 
> adapter
> "MyCustomAdapter". Reason: "No adapter configuration XML was found on the
> configuration when one was expected.".
> 2. The receive location "DIRECT=OS:.\private$\CheckB" is shutting down.
> Details:"The Messaging Engine failed while notifying an adapter of its
> configuration. ".
> On looking into the recieve location configuration in BizTalk Explorer, I
> found that the Address (URI) was set in the ReceiveLocation Properties
> window as I gave it in the code e.g.,
>    myReceiveLocation.Address = @DIRECT=OS:.\private$\CheckB;
> But when I click the elipsis button beside the value of the Address, I see
> that the End-Point configuration's respective property does not hold the
> required value which is a part of the Address (URI) in the RecieveLocation
> Properties window and its blank.
> I have to configure it manually and copy the required value to the 
> End-Point
> configuration's respective property after which the receive location works
> fine.
> Is there any way to do this manual operation programatically, may be a
> change in the CustomAdapter code or any other code block to be executed to
> achieve this using ExplorerOM? Any ideas or am I wrong?
> Thanks and Regards,
> Abani

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