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From: Narasimha (
Date: 06/01/04

Date: Mon, 31 May 2021 23:51:02 -0700

Hi Adam,

Thanks a lot for all the info. As i dont have any background on Biztalk, i am finding it difficult to follow the samples. Can you tell me the approach i should follow in detail.

This is what i want to acheive:
I have to write a custom adapter, which inturn listens to TIBCO messages, so whenever the TIBCo message arrives, the workflow should be trigerred. i have read through the much of theory regarding the cusotm adpaters, but there is very no documentation which epxlains the code samples, :(

So do tell me/mail me ( the apporach that i should follow if it is possible for you

Thanks in Adavance
Narasimha G. M.
     ----- Adam Tompkins wrote: -----
     No, haven't used it - I just used the BTS SDK.
     There's not very much documentation out there. I know that more is planned
     but it's not yet ready.
     As far as the error is concerned:
     When you add generated items to an orchestration, a service organization
     tree is created from an XML file. BTS queries the design-time component of
     the adapter and calls GetServiceOrganization to get the XML (which is
     typically an embedded resource). If no XML is returned then this error
     Take a look at the design-time component of the SDK FileAdapter sample. The
     XML file is named CategorySchema.xml. Presumably you need to find the
     equivalent in the GOTDOTNET sample.
      - Adam
     "Narasimha" <> wrote in message
> Hi Adam,
>> Thanks a lot, indeed i later downloaded the latest help and it contained
     the section 'Developing Custom Adapter'.
> I was trying to follow a simpler path, GotDotNet lists a project called
     'GenericAdapterFramework'. have you used it? or do you know someone who has
     used it? I was trying to use that and When i say "Add generated Items->Add
     Adpater, Select StaticGenericAdpater, pick a recieve location and click
     Next". I get the following error :
> "No service organiztaion tree. The adapter returned a null value".
>> Do you have any info why this error can occur?
>> I agree the msdn will be helpful for me, further do you have any other
     resources on building custom adapters?
>> Thanks in advance
> Narasimha G. M.
>>> ----- Adam Tompkins wrote: -----
>> Have you read the BizTalk documentation?
>> There's a complete topic named 'Developing Adapters Using the Adapter
> Framework' in the SDK section. Use that in conjunction with SDK
     samples and
> you should have enough information to write an adapter. It certainly
> all the points you mentioned.
>> Make sure you have downloaded the very latest documentation from the
> website.
>> - Adam
>>> "Narasimha" <> wrote in message
>> Hi,
>>> I am novice in BizTalk 2004, I have to develop a custom adapter
> interacts with TIBCO Rendezvous.
>> I was not able to find much documentation on Adapter Framework
     apart from
> the samples. Can any one
>> point me detailed documentation on:
>> * How to write custom adapaters
>> * How to build
>> * And importantly how to deploy
>>> So, **Apart from the sample, if there is any *detailed info on
> custom adapters and deploying them*, please do send me/mail me the
>>> You can contact me at:
>>> Thanks in advance
>> Narasimha G. M.

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