Re: POP3 Connector, maildrop ready, not downloading email

Server has been rebooted, but not fixed the problem. Deleted the oldest
couple of messages, still no joy.

Thanks for your help will re-post in the correct group, hugo

"SuperGumby [SBS MVP]" wrote:

You may get more response in the SBS 2003 Newsgroup.

SBS public Newsgroups:

SBS 4.x: microsoft.public.backoffice.smallbiz
SBS 2000: microsoft.public.backoffice.smallbiz2000
SBS 2003:

if your current news server does not carry the mentioned groups you should
be able to connect directly to

I reckon there's a large or corrupt message in the front of the queue. Not
sure though and maybe a restart of the server will clear the problem.

"hugo" <hugo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Been trying to figure this out for hours - not getting anywhere with this
one - any help would be greatly appreciated.

SBS 2003 SP2 been running for almost 2 years no problem with the same
catchall email account in the POP3 connector settings. A few days ago the
POP3 connector stopped working altogether. Nothing had been done to the
server, no reboot, no new windows updates (all up to date) and no
configuration changes to anything.

Changed the logging level for the POP3 Connector Manager to maximum which
revealed a few things. It couldn't find the email server, fixed
by adding an entry in the hosts file), but still no email.

Used telnet to connect to the mail server, no problem, can see how many
messages are there. Setup outlook express on the server, no problem, can
download all the email.

The event log has the following entries when it check for email:

Type: Event ID: Description:
Information 1005 A schedule event started.
Information 1017 The message downloading process started.
Information 1013 MS Connector for POP3 Mailboxes is attempting
to connect to the internet in order to access POP3 Mailboxes
Information 1011 Download Manager will try to download
from up to 2 mailboxes simultaneously.
Information 1042 Delivery Manager has started to monitor the
Incoming Mail queue for messages to be delivered to Exchange user
Information 1032 The POP3 agent will open the mailbox
<accountID[]> on port 110.
Information 1027 The POP3 server (mailbox
<[AccountID]>) responded to the Microsoft Connector for
POP3 Mailboxes connection with: <+OK hello from>.
Error 1019 The message download process finished with
one or more errors.
Information 1028 Access was granted to the mailbox
<> logging on as <AccountID>.
Information 1031 There are 113 message(s) with a total of
byte(s) for mailbox < [AccountID]>.

Information 1030
The POP3 session transcript for mailbox < [AccountID]>
<S>: +OK hello from
<C>: USER AccountID
<S>: +OK password required.
<C>: PASS <secret password>
<S>: +OK maildrop ready, 113 messages (7240228 octets) (12619316)
<S>: +OK 113 7240228
<C>: {Downloaded and deleted messages if neccessary}
<S>: +OK server signing off.

Error 1023 The downloading process for mailbox
<AccountID[]> was ended with one or more errors.
Information 1047 The delivery process finished successfully.

I can't understand why the POP3 connector is making a sucessful connection
to the mail server, asks it how many emails are waiting then terminates

Would could possibly stop it retreiving the email?

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions given, hugo


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