Re: Exclude Samba server (in AD for LDAP) from WSUS Computers

Sorry I was paying as much attention as I should have. Thanks for the reply.

"Larry Struckmeyer [SBS-MVP]" wrote:

This is the support group for an older version of SBS.

For SBS 2003, you will get more eyes, and hence better response, if you
post in:


"gsporter" <gsporter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a Samba based NAS server that is a member of a SBS 2003 domain AD
user authen. However, because of SBS's WSUS requirements it shows up as
"There are xcomputer(s) that have not registered with Update Services"

Does any one have any ideas how I can remove it from WSUS without breaking
(blue shielding) it?

Thanks for your attention to this matter,


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