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Our company has two ISPs. (ISP A - ATX T-1 512 Bandwidth) (ISP B - DSL). I
would like to set them up for load balancing and backup. Our Exchange server
and VPN is configured with ISP A. ISP A also maintains our managed firewall.
We recieve Internet access through ISP A's router. ISP B we have just
contracted. I have tried to connecting it to a linksys router RV082 but the
systems seemed to get messed up and didn't understand what gateway to use.

My question is, can I take the ISP A Internet Connection and connect it to
SBS second network adapter. Then take the ISP B and connected it to
the RV082 for users to connect to our clients, and peruse the Internet. If
so is there anything special I need to do. We do have static IP’s from both

This is a short version of my configuration.
1. SBS2003R2
a. Two Nic’s
c. DNS
d. Exchange
e. VPN
f. Web Based Application

2. Citrix server

3. Web Server

4. ISP A – ATX Partial T-1 (512 KB)
a. Isp Controlled Firewall
5. ISP B – Verizon DSL
6. RV082 Linksys Router
7. Managed switch

All help is appreciated.

Thank you,

PS: This is my third try to post this question. If this is not the correct
post please let me know where I should post it.


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