Re: POP3 Gateway Mail Disappears After Download

Alex wrote:

You think the problem is the frequency 15 minutes?

With so many mailboxes, there are going to be times when it doesn't complete a full download in 15 minutes. If that happens, you can get multiple instances of the connector trying to download mail, and that *really* makes a mess.

I don't use SMTP because the Mail Server is out of my structure. I know POP3 is not the better option, but for use SMTP, I have another server to administrate in my structure.

Huh? You don't need another server to use SMTP, you have all you need on your SBS. You just change the MX record in your public domain DNS zone to point to the hostname associated with the public IP of your SBS. Run the CEICW to make sure that port 25 (SMTP) is allowed to your server, and configure any firewall device/router to forward port 25 to the SBS too.

Can I use other POP3 without problems with SBS2000?

Yes, there are other POP3 downloaders that you can use, but they really are not the permanent solution.

Steve Foster [SBS MVP]
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