Re: POP3 Gateway Mail Disappears After Download

You think the problem is the frequency 15 minutes?

I don't use SMTP because the Mail Server is out of my structure. I know POP3
is not the better option, but for use SMTP, I have another server to
administrate in my structure.

Can I use other POP3 without problems with SBS2000?

"Steve Foster [SBS MVP]" <steve.foster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> escreveu na mensagem
Alex wrote:

Hi everyone,

Hi have this problem since last July, I try to resolve with method 1 or
method 2, of article id:274539.
Sometimes it works and sometimes no.
I have 50 mailboxes, and the problem occurs every week in any mailbox.
I don't no why or when it appends. I discover when a user call me and say
don't receive mails in the last 2 or 3 days, is anything wrong?
My pop3 is SBS2000.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

With that many mailboxes, I'd reduce the frequency at which the Connector
checks for messages. I'd bet it's running out of time occasionally if it's
set to the minimum 15 minutes.

Even better, get rid of it and switch to SMTP, the protocol designed for
mail delivery to servers.

Steve Foster [SBS MVP]
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