Re: Multihoming

This is the support group for an older version of SBS.

For SBS 2003, post in:


"bw" <bw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:31A86DA2-3A12-4A9F-A9D3-DD9E5AA1D228@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
1. SBS2003R@
a. Two Nic’s
c. DNS
d. Exchange
e. VPN
f. Web Based Application
2. Citrix server
3. Web Server
4. ISP – ATX Partial T-1 (512 KB)
a. Isp Controlled Firewall
5. ISP – Verizon DSL
6. RV082 Linksys Router
7. Managed switch
My question is, can I take the ATX Internet Connection and connect it to the
SBS second network adapter. Then take the Verizon line and connected it to
the RV082 for users to connect to our clients, and peruse the Internet. If
so is there anything special I need to do. We do have static IP’s from both

All help is appreciated.

Thank you,


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