Re: DNS warning.

how can i do this... please help

"Rayden" <Rayden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This problem i seen it happening when you first install active directory
using the wizard to automatically configure DNS. because the server does
find any suitable DNS servers during installation it assigns itself as the
root hints.
I had two servers on my domain so i just copied the root hints from a good
working server to this one. If you go to DNS (administrator tools- DNS)
click on the DNS server and go to the root hints tab. if you only see your
server listed that is the cause of your problem. you need to remove your
server from there and enter the internet root hints there

hope this helps.

"beeboo beeboo" wrote:

Does any bosy can help me to solve belows warning.... it kept show in the
event log... thanks

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: DNS
Event Category: None
Event ID: 7062
Date: 9/5/2021
Time: 10:08:47 PM
User: N/A
Computer: GRANDSBS2K3
The DNS server encountered a packet addressed to itself on IP address The packet is for the DNS name
The packet will be discarded. This condition usually indicates a
configuration error.

Check the following areas for possible self-send configuration errors:
1) Forwarders list. (DNS servers should not forward to themselves).
2) Master lists of secondary zones.
3) Notify lists of primary zones.
4) Delegations of subzones. Must not contain NS record for this DNS
server unless subzone is also on this server.
5) Root hints.

Example of self-delegation:
-> This DNS server is the primary for the
-> The zone contains a delegation of to,
( NS
-> BUT the zone is NOT on this server.

Note, you should make this delegation check (with nslookup or DNS
both on this DNS server and on the server(s) you delegated the subzone
It is possible that the delegation was done correctly, but that the
DNS for the subzone, has any incorrect NS record pointing back at this
server. If this incorrect NS record is cached at this server, then the
self-send could result. If found, the subzone DNS server admin should
remove the offending NS record.

You can use the DNS server debug logging facility to track down the cause
this problem.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 50 25 00 00 P%..


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