Re: dns configuration for public static ip

and why is it that we have 3 - 10 security patches every month...because every month, a new vulnerability is found...and a patch is created. and so you are up to date for another month. But it doesn't necessarily mean your business network is safe from the bad guys. It simply means that either no one has attempted to get to your network via a vulnerabilty that has yet to be patched.'

And its not that Linux or Mac is any more secure, its just that Windows has a bigger target painted on it.

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Doesn't matter how many machines you a website inside a
business domain is a terrible idea
Port 80 is the single most attacked port on the internet.
Host a public accessible website and it will be a matter days, if not hours,
before your network is compromised and one or more hackers is using your
network for who knows what

Given it's fully up to date w' patches etc - how does this happen? What
security holes are there in SBS?, IIS? .NET?



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