Re: SBS2003 Premium and Symantec NAV corp

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Jo Lambrecht <jo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Does anyone have SBS2003 Premium edition and symantec antivirus
> corporate edition v9.0 working together ?
> I"ve installed it om my SBS2003 PREM. server and everything goes fine,
> except for sheduled automatic updates.
> I"ve uninstalled and reinstalled NAV corp., totally cleaned the
> registry, reinstalled, etc...
> went trough any possible knowledge base article in the symantec
> database, but no succes.
> I've been busy now for about 5 weeks to solve the problem, and now i"m
> trying to look at it from a different angle, the SBS2003 angle.
> Could there be a compatibilty issue between those 2 systems ? Could
> default ISA server block traffic from symantec, altough it works
> manualy ?
> Never the less, we deliver symantec products for years, we're
> considering changing to another software.
> Has anyone good experiences with any third party antivirus software.

Hi Jo,

I just don't like Symantec for several reasons. It takes a lot of resources,
is very difficult to configure and complicated. Most used antivirus software
on SBS is still Trend Micro CSM for SMB. It is cheap, easy and light.

Mariëtte Knap - MVP
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