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Gary D wrote:

Hi Steve. You replied to my earlier post about restricting web sites
destination sets and s/c rules in ISA.

I had a default set of SBS2003 rules. I am able to ALLOW a user access
all websites except for (for example). BUT I am unable to
the user access to all websites except for

When the 2nd scenario is in place all websites seemed to be barred, as
though the specific allow (for is being ignored.

As I undoubtedly explained, Deny always beats Allow.

So, any Rule that Denies All effectively kills all access (this is handy to know if you've got a trojan/spyware/whatever spewing crud to the net).

You need two Rules:

* one to Allow access to specific sites (or a blanket Allow All)
* one to Deny access to "All except Selected Destinations" using the allowed sites set

Steve Foster [SBS MVP]
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