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Hi Aaron,

I have had this problem on a number of sites and have discovered that they
go away if I change the Modem for a USR fax modem..... Dont know why or
pretend to understand it, tried slowing the modem speed down and all sort of
other tricks but nothing cured it till I changed the modem for a US Robotics
56k External Fax modem.....then problem dissappeared.......

"Aaron H" <aaron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I Have faxing configured on the SBS Box and have all faxes to be emailed
> as attachments to relevant people. All working fine except,
> some fax's drop a page. E.g.. will only receive page 4-5 and no where to
> be found is page one. These are random which pages fail.
> Please help
> Aaron


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