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Again, I have seen this problem with the Fax service although I tried
disabling and then re-enabling the fax device in the device manager to cure
it rather than re-installing the fax service. I have also noticed that the
device quite often comes up as disabled by itself on reboot.

AND... once again this disappeared once I changed the modem for a USR
external 56k Fax Modem........dont know why....just works...others ....just me



(by the way, I have no affiliation with USR in any way, but if theres anyone
from USR out there who wants to pay me commission on this LOL)
"lvlo" <lvlo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I just setup Windows SBS 2003 Premium with Exchange in a test lab. I
> configured 5 dummy accounts (Mobile User, User, Power User, Administrator,
> and a customized profile.) The problem I have is with two features I
> I would be able to do but can't, and one error that I can't figure out.
> 1. Allow all users to view all faxes via the fax manager (specifically
> incoming and sent)
> 2. Have the faxes show in the http://comanyweb Incoming Faxes page.
> The error that I can't figure out is if I restart the SBServer then the
> service on reboot fails, and I need uninstall the fax services via
> programs reboot, and re-install. Did I botch up on installation? Any help
> much appreciated even on 1 of 3.
> Thank you,
> M. Merchant


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