Workstations won't share objects or folders when logged into SBS 2

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I have a client who stumped me with this one. SBS Server 2003 with
three workstations running XP Pro SP2 logging into the domain. Everything
works fine, Internet, Exchange, all of that. The problem is, the
won't share printers or folders. For instance, if he publishes a
printer to Active Directory, it publishes fine. But, no one can use
it. Same with shared folders. He tells me it asks for authentication
(username/password) when the other workstations try to access the
objects. I have run through all the normal stuff half a dozen times,
made sure he was publishing correctly, had him try setting up all the
workstation users as Admins, everything I could think of, still gets
the same problem. He took one of the workstations to a different
building with an SBS box and it all worked fine on that one, so it's
SOMETHING on the server, but what? He is trying to avoid a complete
reinstall. Anyone out there ever heard of this? Thanks.



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