Re: "The network address is invalid" error on 2003 server connected via VPN to SBS2003 server

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SBS server is
2003 Server is
Routers are both on 192.168.x.254
Subnet masks on both servers are
2003 server has DNS and WINS server addresses = (SBS server)

(I'm in front of the 2003 Server right now, just started a re-partition &
reinstall, but suspecting I'm still going to see the problem again as I
suspect it may be on the SBS server, so I'd still appreciate your

"Henry Craven [SBS-MVP]" <IUnknown@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> What are your IP Addresses and subnets for the Networks ?
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> Henry Craven {SBS-MVP}
> CI Information Technology
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> Melbourne SBS Users Group
> "privatenews.Microsoft.Com" <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:uxUgAmHSFHA.996@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Scenario:
>> SBS2003 server running successfully at head office.
>> Router-to-router VPN configured using 2 Cisco routers, also working well.
>> Have connected and used remote workstations via the SBS connectcomputer
>> wizard - no problem.
>> Currently attempting to add a 2003 server to the remote site for
>> file/print/email.
>> Have joined the new server to the domain manually (could not do it
>> through the ConnectComputer wizard - this gave the above error at the
>> point where it changes the computer name).
>> I can access the SBS server from the new 2003 server and view files etc,
>> and can connect via terminal services etc.
>> However, I cannot perform certain functions remotely, such as:
>> After installing the 2003server admin tools on the 2003 server, I can't
>> access parts of the AD users profiles such as Dial-in, Terminal Services
>> Profile, Remote Control. This gives the error: "Could not load the
>> dial-in profile for this user because: The network address is invalid"
>> The event log shows a corresponding error:
>> Event ID 1219 - Winlogon
>> logon rejected for (domain/user). Unable to obtain Terminal Server User
>> Configuration. Error: The network address is invalid
>> Any suggestions greatfully received!!


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