Re: Why Upgrade?

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Look at the feature set and decide for yourself.

Henry Craven {SBS-MVP}
CI Information Technology
Melbourne SBS Users Group

"bernadou" <bernadou@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I've been asked to determine which server software would be right for
> the
> following scenario:
> Small mortgage broker, stand alone business office
> 3 full time (9-5 M-F) Employees (owner/broker, 2 assistants)
> Computing Environment:
> 1 win2k server (5 year old hardware). Domain controller, file server,
> installed
> 4 XP Pro workstations (All 1+ years old)
> 3 Networked printers
> Web domain/email hosted externally.
> This business wishes to upgrade their server hardware. There are two
> client
> server applications running on their network. One of which is their
> primary
> day to day business application. Data is stored on the w2k server.
> This business does not have an IT person in house and pays hourly for
> administration and support. They do not report performance problems
> with
> their current server (800mhz PIII, 512mb Ram generic build desktop),
> but want
> to be proactive in upgrading the hardware to prevent business
> affecting
> downtime.
> During their server hardware shopping, they have been heavily advised
> to
> upgrade their server OS to Win2k3 Small Business Edition. They have
> already
> purchased the OS license for Win2k server which already exceeds their
> needs.
> My question is this. Given the requirements mentioned above, why
> would it
> be advantageous to upgrade?


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