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Gary D wrote:

Anybody any idea how to bar/allow access to certain websites/domains
SBS2003. I have tried via destination sets, client address sets and site
content rules. I cant find the info on the Microsoft web Site.

Regards and thanks in advance


You would use Destination Sets to build a list of sites for which you wish to control access, and then you'd use Site&Content Rules to specify the access for those Destination Sets.

Note that Deny rules "beat" Allow rules.

If you want to only allow access to a small set of sites, the first step would be to remove the general S&C rule that allows access to all sites. Then create an S&C Allow Rule for a Destination Set that only holds your wanted sites.

If you want to just deny access to a small set of sites, build a Destination Set for all the banned sites, then create an S&C Rule to Deny access to that Destination Set.

Once you've done building the Rules, you need to restart the ISA services if you want the rules to have immediate effect. Otherwise, they'll be implemented the next time that ISA refreshes itself (normally only a few minutes, but does depend on how busy ISA is).

Steve Foster [SBS MVP]
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