Re: Can SBS 4.5a and SBS 2003 Exist on Same Network

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contrary to popular opinion you can (and i have). just 1 dhcp server can
exist. insure you have matching user names and passwords on each system.

indeed, i have a sbs4.5 and sbs2003 neatly co-existing in my office right

joel in toronto

"Allan C" <proven_solutions@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> We are planning to migrate a customer who is currently running SBS 4.5a to
> SBS 2003.
> I seem to remember reading something years ago that you could not have
> more
> than one SBS 4.5a server on the same network.
> My question is can we have a SBS 4.5a and SBS 2003 server on the same
> network?
> Are there any tips or traps to watch out for?
> TIA.
> --
> Regards,
> Allan C


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