Re: SBS 2003 Memory Error

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Any help here...

Allocated Memory Alert Revisited

Merv Porter [SBS MVP]
"MP" <MP@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Every day we get this error from the SBS reporting. I can't find which app
> is
> causing the error. We have a PowerEdge 2800 with a 3GHz and 2gig of RAM.
> It
> is SBS Premium. THe network only has 5 PCs connected to the SBS server. It
> is
> mainly used a file and print server.
> How do I increase the threshold so we don't get this error everyday.
> Here is the error:
> A large amount of memory is committed to applications and processes.
> Consistently high memory usage can cause performance problems.
> To determine which processes and applications are using the most memory,
> use
> Task Manager. Monitor the activity of these resources over a few days. If
> they continue to use a high level of memory and are less critical
> processes
> or services, try stopping and then restarting them.
> Thanks


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