Re: SQL Server 6.5 - What is Most Current of SBS That is Compatible?

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Yes, they do.
One of my presentations will include upgrading to the newest SQL, O/S and
version of the application.
I do not think that it will fly though due to the cost involved.



Allan C
"Steve Foster [SBS MVP]" <steve.foster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Allan C wrote:
> > The application is written in Visual FoxPro 5.
> Double eek, since VFP5 is also 4 versions behind! (current is VFP9)
> > There is a combination of stored procedures and calls from within the
> > application to access the SQL 6.5 database.
> > We do not have access to some of the source code that generates the
> > and the manufacturer no longer supports that version of the application
> and
> > will not release the source code.
> I'm not surprised the application vendor is not supporting this version
> any more. Though I presume they do have a more recent version?
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