Re: SQL Server 6.5 - What is Most Current of SBS That is Compatible?

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Allan C wrote:

One of our clients who is currently running SBS 4.5a must continue to use
SQL Server 6.5 due to the fact that one of their applications does not
properly with SQL 7.0 and above. Source code is not available for certain
parts of the application. I do not have access to the details of the

We are worried about the long term stabilility of the server hardware
they have been using since '99 and are beginning to research purchasing a
new server.
My question is whether SQL Server 6.5 can be installed on top of the
Small Business Server?
We want to  * replace *  the SQL Server that would be included with the
newest SBS.
Will this work without issues?

I think you're running the last version of SBS to support SQL6.5.

SQL6.5 is close to being 3 versions behind (7.0, 2000, 2005 [coming]), and your client really needs to get to grips with moving this application forward to a more recent version of SQL Server.

*IF* the application is reasonably well-written in the first place, it should be possible to move the SQL side of things forward without impacting any client-side code.

Steve Foster [SBS MVP]
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