Re: Setting up an Intranet Site

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Henry thanks - my worry is how difficult the upgrade is (have to do it
ourselves & can't afford any downtime risk!) - existing hardware is twin P3
1gb ram, adaptec RAID with 6gb but only 1/2 used. Would rather not buy
another server - what are the pros & cons of upgrade "as is" or fresh instal
on new HD's (so could revert to the old drives if new instal is tricky!) but
how difficult is it them to move existing setings/data.

"Henry Craven [SBS-MVP]" <IUnknown@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Host it on the server at:
> Systemdrive\Inetpub\Intranet
> Have you looked at the Sharepoint Companyweb that comes with SBS 2003 -
> The Upgrade would pay for itself in time and functionality in building
> your own alone.
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> Henry Craven {SBS-MVP}
> CI Information Technology
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> Melbourne SBS Users Group
> "Al" <aadfvadvd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:GoOdnUc7xPetO8vfRVnyhQ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>I want to have a basic Intranet site (created using Frontpage) that all
>>users will then have as the homepage of their browser. However I can;t
>>work out where the intranet site will be located & if there are any issues
>>to making the space (on the server I assume) capable of handling a FP
>>site. (SBS2000)


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